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For years, the Pearl District stood as a run-down collection of industrial warehouses and buildings that existed past their prime. But years of urban renewal in the area, as well as the repurposing of many large buildings and turning them into upscale offices and residences, has turned the Pearl District into one of the most active cultural centers you will find in Portland. Located adjacent to downtown, the Pearl District is one of the most popular destinations in the city for all types of people and their preferred activities.

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The Pearl District is home to art galleries, upscale shopping, restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, entertainment venues, and so much more. Urban park spaces also serve the area and make it a livable location for young families as well as working professionals. A mixture of commercial spaces and businesses catering to local residents make it easy to live in the Pearl District and walk to wherever you need to go.

The neighborhood’s central location is also served by several different MAX light rail lines, numerous bus routes and the Portland Streetcar, which can shuttle pedestrians to downtown Portland and beyond. There is little need for a car in this neighborhood, and many residents find they rarely need to leave it to get what they want, be it for work or pleasure.

Properties in the Pearl District are almost exclusively condominiums, many of them high-end and constructions built within the past 20 years. These condos come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, but the one consistency among them is their high demand — waiting lists and an aggressive market make it difficult to snag some of these residences even when you’ve got the money. Shoppers need to be on the ball and communicating constantly with real estate experts to get the jump on the competition and stake his or her claim to a beautiful Pearl District home.