Alberta Arts District

The Alberta Arts District is a sub-community within larger communities, but it is no less defined by the area’s culture and aesthetic. Named for its location along NE Alberta Street, The Alberta Arts District sits on corners of the Concordia, King and Vernon neighborhoods in northeast Portland. Though not officially a neighborhood on its own, the Alberta Arts District differentiates itself from the rest of these neighborhoods with its artistic flair and is an attractive location for the creatively inclined.

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Many of the homes in this area reflect its eclectic appeal. In a neighborhood that embraces individuality, you’ll find many beautiful homes graced with unique touches and renovations that update these older properties. The neighborhood has been revitalized over time as more upper-class residents have gradually sought out a colorful place to call home, and this process can still be seen throughout the area.

The Alberta Arts District is a culturally diverse area with touches from all kinds of demographics. This produces a vibrant array of businesses offering a taste of the exotic next door to touches of home. Even the coffee shops, themselves a staple of the Pacific Northwest, all attract different clientele with their varied environments.

One of the neighborhood’s most notable establishments is the Alberta Co-op Grocery. Unlike larger chain grocery stores, the Alberta Co-op is a neighbor-owned business stocking its shelves with local products and other healthy, often organic goods. Processed foods, even soft drinks, are absent from this grocery store, which offers about as much individuality and as many unique products as you will find in the grocery business. It’s a microcosm of this neighborhood — quirky, locally grown and proud of it.